Central North Saskatchewan River Valley

Edmonton Ecological AreasThis section of the river valley goes from the boundary of Terwillegar Park, through downtown Edmonton, to just past Goldbar Park. Here are links to our posts from this area:

Edmonton’s river valley is one of the most attractive features of our city. It covers an astounding 7400 hectares with over 150 kilometres of trails – the largest of any city in North America! Read more here…

Visit the Callingwood Tree Stand in pictures! Click here to learn more about this natural area…

There’s no need to head to the mountains when we have amazing trails like the one in Patricia Ravine. The paved section of the trail runs from  Wolf Willow Road NW to 159 Street. Read more about the pretty riverside park here…

See Waxwings and a Mourning Cloak butterfly, both photographed in the Callingwood Tree Stand here… 

Edmonton is situated in an eco-region called aspen parkland. So it should be no surprise that trembling aspen is one of the most common trees you’ll see. Learn more about this popular tree here…

Have you got red squirrels in your trees? Learn more about this little critter, and watch a video of one indignant foot-stomper here…

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