Mill Creek

Edmonton Ecological AreasMill Creek covers southeast Edmonton including the communities of Mill Woods up to Capilano and the river valley.  Here are links to our posts from this area:

Indian pipe begins to emerge from the forest floor in mid to late summer. The plant is completely white, giving context to its other common name: corpse flower. Read more on this exotic-looking flower as seen in the Mill Creek Ravine here…

What’s tall, prickly, and extremely persistent? Canada thistle, but Diana Baragar — founder of the Thistle Patrol — would prefer we call it by its other common name: creeping thistle. Learn more about this troop patrolling Mill Creek Ravine here…

Garlic mustard is a prohibited noxious weed that threatens the biodiversity of Edmonton’s natural areas. The weed was first introduced to Canada from Europe as a medicinal and culinary herb. Learn more about one group’s efforts to rid the Mill Creek Ravine of this nuisance here…

Roper Pond is a beautiful constructed wetland located where you would least expect it — in the middle of an industrial park. Click here to read more about the walking trail, and the plants and animals you’ll see on your journey…

Love Canada geese? Learn more about goslings at Roper Pond here, and watch a video here.

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